Online WORKSHOP intuitive COACHING with impact

Discover the power of Transformational Presence through this interactive, 2,5-hour Dutch language workshop. Experience this approach through three practical coacingtools, geared to unlocking potential within individuals, teams, and organizations.

Intuitive Coaching with Impact program

In this intensive and practical 6-month Dutch language program you will experience and learn to apply a powerful coaching approach, highly applicable for coaches. Cutting straight to the essence, this approach results in rapid insights and significant sustainable growth.



In this innovative 3-day leadership development workshop you will experience powerful, practical tools and frameworks that help you to navigate through our complex, rapidly changing and uncertain world from a place of calm, clarity and deep inner confidence.

Equipping conscious leaders to recognise
the potential in people and ideas,
and to step forward and develop
that potential for a greater good

Transformational Presence is a simple and powerful approach to life and leadership.

Through practical tools and frameworks, it expands awareness and teaches us to create the optimal conditions for releasing the potential that exists within individuals, teams and organisations. From the inside out.

Transformational Presence enables us to :

  • Strengthen our capacity for navigating complexity and fast paced change
  • Work with and harness the energy in challenging circumstances, meeting situations with clarity and confidence
  • Cut quickly to the heart of the matter, and take concrete next steps
  • Take tough decisions, often involving a conflict in values and interests
  • Be more receptive, responsive, creative, and innovative
  • Improve communication and collaboration
  • Reduce stress and foster resilience in the face of uncertainty, challenge and hardship

“Jo & Sander have worked closely with me for the last several years, and we have been in an active mentoring relationship together since the summer of 2017. They live and breathe Transformational Presence in every area of their lives and have a deep understanding of the foundations of this work. They each bring their own unique presence in the front of the room that combines playfulness with clarity, wisdom, experience, and commitment to calling forth and supporting the greatest potential in every group and in every situation. They are very strong, effective and successful coaches, both in individual as well as organizational and business settings, and have chosen Transformational Presence as the foundation of their work.”

Alan Seale, Founder & Director for the Center for Transformational Presence’

Transformational Presence is founded on the ideas of Alan Seale, writer, international coach, speaker and founder of The Center for Transformational Presence in Boston. The Transformational Presence approach is key to developing the leadership capacities and skills needed in the 21st century.

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