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Transformational Presence

A new paradigm for living, leading, and coaching

Are you ready to take your coaching and leadership to unprecedented heights?

Unleash the power of your intuition and develop yourself as a coach and leader through our Transformational Presence programs and workshops:

  • Connecting more powerfully with yourself, the other and the bigger picture.
  • (Further) develop your intuitive skills.
  • Anchor your self-awareness on a higher level.
  • Navigate more smoothly the challenges on your path.
  • Create a clear focus for yourself.
  • Experience your own wholeness more fully

5 half-day Conscious Leadership Program

Transformational Presence Leadership in Action

Activate a higher state of moment-to-moment awareness and learn how to navigate complexity with ease and confidence.

When: to be announced
Location: Online via Zoom


5 half-day Self-Development Program

Full Spectrum Living

Live in honesty and integrity with your own truth and your own rhythm of life, no matter what.

When: 6, 13, 27 May, 3, 24 June 2024
Location: Online via Zoom


10-Month Intuitive Coaching Program

Transformational Presence Intensive Course

Learn how to coach intuitively based on the approach and tools of Transformational Presence.

When: October 2024 - April 2025
Location: Online via Zoom


Every day, big or small (inner) shifts, breakthroughs or transformations occur. They support your forward movement and further personal development. Through training and coaching, we help you become aware of these shifts and develop the skills to create the conditions for these shifts to happen (for yourself and for someone else). All our work is founded in Transformational Presence, an innovative approach to life, leadership and coaching.

Our mission is to create a world that works.

'Sander embodies Transformational Presence. From his own wholeness and inner peace, he lovingly yet assertively invites exploration, discovery, and courageous action. And that creates a beautiful shift, a shift towards deeper awareness, learning, and growth.'
Liesbet Peeters - Transformational Leader and Mentor

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Intuitive coaching

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