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The 1st perspective: everything is information If you view everything happening in your life as 'information,' you let go of the struggle in your life.

The 1st perspective: everything is information If you view everything happening in your life as 'information,' you let go of the struggle in your life. This might sound bold but let me take you through the following scenario for a moment. You're driving in a car in a supermarket parking lot, searching for a parking spot. You proceed cautiously, moving at a snail's pace, scanning left and right for an available space. Suddenly, another car swiftly backs out of a parking spot and grazes your bumper, causing a minor scratch. What exactly goes through your mind at that moment? Without the perspective of 'everything is information,' you might think (or perhaps several of these thoughts simultaneously): What a fool, didn't he see me driving here? This is so unfortunate; it didn't have to happen like this. This should never have happened. I don't have time for this. ... And what emotion do you experience at that moment? Probably some resistance in the form of irritation or maybe even anger. In other words, there's a battle within you, a struggle against what is. Let's rewind the scenario to the moment the two cars collide, but this time you have the perspective of 'everything is information.' What happens in your thoughts then? It may require some practice: I wonder what the damage is. How is the other driver doing? I'm curious about what will come of this. ... All your thoughts are based on the collision and are forward-looking. The collision has happened and is now a fact. You don't feel the need to investigate the cause (at least not at that moment, perhaps later, depending on the situation), you don't judge the other driver, and you have no thoughts that this shouldn't have happened. Your attention is forward-focused; you're curious about what will emerge and what information is here for you.   In terms of emotions, you feel calm and balanced. The second principle of Transformational Presence is 'energy cannot be created or destroyed; it can only be transformed.' This means that resisting what is, is futile. You can't destroy energy, or in other words, you can't rewind the film and prevent the collision from happening. What is possible, however, is actively moving with what is. This includes not seeing a problem (is it a 'problem' (a negative judgment) or just a 'situation' (more neutral)?) as something that needs to be solved as quickly as possible. In the words of Alan Seale, you view it as a message to be listened to. This week, try practicing the perspective of 'everything is information.' Take what is as your starting point and resist the urge to label or judge it. Shift your focus forward and be curious about the information embedded in the situation you're experiencing. I wish you a lot of discovery and enjoyment! Note: This is the first blog in a series of 7 about seven perspectives that help elevate your happiness and well-being, allowing you to live 'the good life' (Seligman). The seven perspectives are: Everything is information Everything is energy in motion All change starts with awareness You always have a choice in how you respond to something Everything is relative Every situation holds an invitation for learning and growth Everything is Love