Transformational Presence supports you in a more open, curious approach to life. You approach life from a rock-solid confidence in yourself and in life. From a deep inner peace you contribute to something larger than you. It's not so much about you anymore, but things happen through you.

Through Transformational Presence you not only teach yourself that open and exploratory attitude, it also provides you with simple and powerful coaching tools that really impact your coachee. By experiencing the various exercises, profound self-insights arise. With Transformational Presence (the term actually tells the whole story) you create the conditions, by your way of being present in the present moment, to enable inner shifts that can set your coachee free.

The  Transformational Presence Intensive Course (TPIC) Intuitive Coaching Online Year-program offers you the opportunity to fully deepen and integrate your skills and become proficient in Transformational Presence Coaching.

Participants are time and again surprised how 'fast', 'profound', 'powerful' and 'simple' the different methods lead to lasting results.

Effective and impactful coaching in today's world requires new methods and a greater capacity for awareness and perception. Transformational Presence gives you a cohesive set of simple and powerful coaching exercises and techniques to take your coaching to the next level.

"For me the power of Transformational Presence is in the holistic and potential-based approach to life, leadership, and coaching. It helps me in connecting with myself, others, and the world around me on a much deeper level. It enables me to access and trust my intuition and work with the energy in a situation. Being present in this way enables inner shifts and truly transformational experiences that can pave the way for concrete potential-led action."
Anna-Lena Claeys-Kulik, Deputy Director for Policy Coordination & Foresight / Coach, Brussels, Belgium

"Alan Seale once signed one of his books for me with the text “…May you find the powerful soul-ego partnership that serves the world...”. It turned out to be a life-changing moment. In working with Transformational Presence, I discovered how my presence really can impact the world around me. I learned I have a choice in how I show up to help others to unlock the best version of themselves."
- Kees Gülcher

"Transformational Presence forms a bridge between spirituality and earthly existence, which is extremely useful, especially in strong rational-oriented contexts."
– Yvonne Kerkhof, coach and entrepreneur

Intuitive Coaching based on Transformational Presence takes you straight to the core, supports you to identify the unfolding potential, and then invites you into a partnership with that potential. In this way, you help your coachee to discover a clear path forward on which he/she can take important steps with clarity and confidence.

The curriculum of the program is based on the work of Alan Seale, writer, international coach and speaker, and founder of The Center for Transformational Presence. It follows the original script of Alan's signature program Transformational Presence for Leaders & Coaches (TPLC). More than 1000 professionals from 35 countries have graduated from this program with great enthusiasm.

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‘A problem is not something to be solved,
it's a message to be listened to’

 – Alan Seale, founder and director of The Center for Transformational Presence

What do you gain from this next-level coaching program?

  • As a coach, you have further strengthened your self-awareness, perceive more broadly, and have experienced what it takes to be able to partner with whatever presents itself
  • As a coach, you are more receptive to new information and able to guide your coachee to a receptive, more input-oriented attitude
  • You can sense and perceive beyond the familiar and obvious and invite your coachee to do the same
  • You help your coachee in the present moment to be able to understand what is happening at different levels in different situations and circumstances
  • You are able to let your coachee (further) develop the ability to take on opportunities and challenges with clarity and confidence
  • You've honed your own ability to sense action and movement forward as well as when it's time to take a step back and let things unfold on their own
  • You coach from the realization that everything is interconnected
  • You are able to successfully apply a large number of very practical and in-depth coaching techniques
  • You have made a personal development journey and experience more inner peace, joy, and freedom. As a person and as a coach

“I have been given very workable tools to make heart and belly accessible. In addition, an open and pleasant working atmosphere in which it was inviting and I had no hesitation to practice."
Jacobien, organizational psychologist

“Powerful. Effective. Enriching. Always and everywhere applicable." – Sushma, entrepreneur.

The Intuitive Coaching Online Year-program is structured along the following lines:

Part 1: The Foundation (3 half days)

  • Introduction to Transformational Presence: Guiding Principles and Core Fundamentals
  • The 3 Fundamental Questions
  • The Four Levels of Engagement
  • The Vertical and Horizontal Orientation to Life and Leadership
  • Coaching with the 3 Intelligences

Part 2: Whole-mind Thinking and Whole-being Awareness (deepening sessions: 5 x 2,5 hours)

  • Expanding Your Sensory Perceptive Capacities
  • Coaching with Geometric Forms
  • Time and Space Sensing
  • Coaching with Polarities in a Situation
  • Developing Your Intuitive Skills in Your Work and Life

Part 3: Dialogue and Deep Listening (deepening sessions: 7 x 2,5 hours)

  • Letting Go
  • The partnership between Soul and Ego
  • The Enlightened Dialogue
  • Deep Listening

Part 4: The Human Energysystem and Creating New Realities
(deepening sessions 4 x 2,5 hours)

  • The Human Energysystem
  • Coaching with the chakras
  • Your Future Self
  • Embodying Your Vision

Part 5: Integration and closure
(1 x 2,5 hours)

  • Review of all the tools
  • Integration: coaching with the Potential Based Approach
  • Resources after the program

Resources during the program:

  • Coaching circle: practice coaching sessions with other participants
  • Online Learningcenter:
    • recordings of all in-depth sessions: listen back at your leisure
    • all exercises and coaching techniques are fully written out (pdf)
  • Q&A during all sessions

"Varied program with an appropriate amount of theory as a foundation and various exercises. Sander provides the right balance. In between the sessions,
you are encouraged to practice with each other and experience more depth.
Sander brings all this in an accessible, calm, and inspiring way".

– Saskia Mattern, team manager / career coach

"Sander is a wonderful teacher. He truly embodies Transformational Presence in the way he facilitates learning. He has a great ability to explain the concepts, demonstrate the tools in coaching and respond to the needs and questions of a diverse group of learners. His holistic approach combined with his kindness, calmness and joyfulness as well as his openness to all of us in the group and our different experiences made the training a truly transformational learning journey for me. I am very grateful to Sander for this experience."
– Anna-Lena Claeys-Kulik, Deputy Director for Policy Coordination & Foresight / Coach, Brussels, Belgium

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