A new innovative life-skills program geared towards an intentional, aware and courageous way of living. Fully based on and anchored in Transformational Presence. 

Key words: experiential, daring, liberating, empowering, going beyond. 

The effect of the program: living in honesty and integrity with your own truth and your own rhythm of life, no matter what. Beyond your own embarrassment or shame, realizing there’s nothing to be ashamed of. You are just being the full version of yourself!

We’re inviting you to a state of mind of excitement, an action-oriented full on engagement with life, each and every day. Allowing yourself to the most powerful perception and experience of your own life. And, at the same time, respecting and honoring life as it is unfolding, listening to its whispers and co-creating with what wants to happen.


The online program will be Led in English by Sander van Eekelen (Netherlands) and Joanna Maria Zawada (Poland).

Both Sander and Joanna are certified Transformational Presence Coaches ánd Program Leaders and are personally being mentored by Alan Seale, founder and director of the Center for Transformational Presence.

“At any time I was stuck with an experience because it hit me, because it confronted me with discomfort, Joanna or Sander made an intervention to open up in a way to observe new possibilities.  This training/journey was like living in fireworks: one clarification after another”
– Vanessa, 41, Corporate Coach

“Joanna and Sander create a safe space of acceptance, trust and love that helps enormously to grow, discover and build awareness. I have never participated in such a training before! Highly recommended to all self explorers, coaches and leaders.”
– Agnieszka, leadership coach and trainer

“A very efficient and inspirational program. 5 sessions and all in digital. Thank you for supporting my journey”
– Erdem, Chief Retail Officer

Overview of the program

Day 1: Letting your essence show you what Full Spectrum Living looks like for you

Day 2: Acknowledge and actively accept whatever is to release your inner power and potential

Day 3: Experience trust and courage in complex and difficult moments

Day 4: High Intention, Low Attachment as a portal to taking decisive actions

Day 5: Putting your Full Spectrum Living into practice and making it actionable

What do you benefit from participating in this program?

  • Truly experiencing life as energy in motion, feeling and being part of a larger process unfolding
  • Sense of inner peace and inner knowing, always feeling connected to the deeper potential
  • Experiencing the freedom of choice, in terms of how you show up to what’s around you
  • Always knowing why, what and how to do things, one step at a time, manifesting what wants to be manifested through you
  • Shifting the place you live from, from the head to an integral approach to life and your leadership (head, heart and belly)
  • A willingness and a capacity to explore, risk, fail and move forward
  • Be more self-compassionate and at ease with whatever you do
  • Experiencing a courage you can’t deny
  • Consistently standing in your own truth, taking steps you innerly know you have to take, because you simply cannot not do that 

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