Transformational Presence offers profound, and at the same time simple, tools and frameworks that make it possible to work with opportunities and new possibilities in all settings and circumstances. To me, this is also the strength of the approach: Quickly cutting to the essence of a situation, question or problem, making it possible to immediately tap into the potential and from there, take concrete steps. Transformational Presence starts with what is close by and what I can influence: It starts with me. I have learned to work consciously with all my intelligences, which gives me easy access to a huge field of information. This makes it easier for me to be a transformational presence, in every setting and in every circumstance. In this approach, BEING and DOING really come together and that makes it extremely powerful and different from all other approaches!

Caroline Veerman
Unit manager at Royal Kentalis and owner of Veerman Transformational Presence


Working with Transformational Presence is coming home to myself: As a person and as a professional.

The little Prince of Saint-Exupéry tells us "L'essentiel est invisible pour les yeux," or "that which is essential can only be seen with your heart." Transformational Presence opens our eyes to the essential and makes it possible to arrive at new insights and unexpected solutions together. In organizations, and in my case in health care, I am able to contribute through Transformational Presence to the changes that employees and clients so long for. Partly by using the tools with employees and managers in the development of their (personal) leadership, team coaching and individual coaching. And more often because I have become better able to subtly perceive that which is asking for attention in the undercurrent of a situation and that which is required to allow the hidden potential in a circumstance to open up little by little. Transformational Presence brings the realization that 'doing more' does not lead to 'being better'. People discover that by doing less, and being more themselves, they are able to contribute more to someone else (the customer!) to each other and to the organization. And that is what it is ultimately all about: Being and remaining a purposeful organization.

Charlotte Rekko
Vilans, the knowledge center for long-term care


By working with the power of both people and organization, the steps to be taken become clear and irreversible

Transformational Presence leads people and organizations to the essence of who they are, what they are capable of, where they stand and what is being asked of them. By working with the power of people and organization, the steps to be taken become clear and irreversible. Because new insights are arrived at not only by applying the intellect but by using all of our senses, they are anchored both in the individual and in the DNA of the organization.

Transformational Presence works from the here and now and from the premise that it is all information and therefore all OK. There is no judgement. Working in the present with great curiosity about which possibilities there may be, is truly inspiring and renewing.

My own company Dao2Change exists thanks to the work of Alan Seale and The Center of Transformational Presence. Dao2Change was founded in 2016 and uses nature as a metaphor for what is trying to get our attention. Dao2Change's vision is to introduce as many people and organizations as possible to the power of Transformational Presence's work.

Coaches Sander van Eekelen and Jo Boniszewski

I know Sander and Jo from working with Transformational Presence. They are both very experienced coaches and trainers who are taking the Transformational Presence approach in the Netherlands to a higher level. They complement each other very well, both as people and as trainers. Peace and sparkling energy and depth and humour, alternate with each other, and they are able like no other to have you experience and discover how Transformational Presence works for you.

Donja de Groot
Change Manager

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