Conscious leadership development for the 21st century
Are you experiencing and leading a significant organisational transformation? Working in and navigating complexity and fast paced change? And are you looking to develop the skills and leadership capacities that will allow you to thrive in these uncertain and unpredictable conditions?

Intuitive Leadership with Impact: Transformational Presence Leadership in Action (TPLA) is a cutting edge 3-day leadership development program for leaders, managers, HR professionals, entrepreneurs, influencers, visionaries, politicians, public servants, and anyone committed to making a significant difference in their organisations and in the world.

We live in challenging, complex, amazing, and unpredictable times - times that demand leadership built on a new set of skills and capacities. Leaders today must be able to stretch far beyond the transactional, analytical and knowledge-based approach that most of us have been taught, into intuitive, creative, in-the-moment discovery-based skills and capacities.

Intuitive Leadership with Impact: Transformational Presence Leadership in Action provides powerful yet practical skills, tools, and frameworks needed for navigating today’s complex, rapidly changing, and uncertain world.

In this program, you will learn:

  • how to cut to the core of what is happening quickly, identify the next steps, and move into effective, impactful, and sustainable action
  • how to sense the bigger picture and work with the details at the same time
  • how to apply both your intellect and your intuition to discover what is happening below the surface of circumstances and challenges
  • how to recognize the hidden messages within challenges or problems and respond in the most effective and productive ways
  • how to “show up” as a leader in ways that encourage and inspire transformation in people, situations, and organizations
  • how to more effectively empower those you serve to grow into their greatest potential
  • how to practice Transformational Presence Leadership moment by moment from the inside out

Your result WILL be a greater capacity for:

  • Awareness, understanding, creativity, and innovation, all of which lead to more effective and sustainable action
  • Navigating complex situations and circumstances
  • Meeting both opportunities and challenges from a place of clarity, grounding, and trust
  • “Thinking on your feet” and working with whatever lands in front of you instead of struggling against it
  • Resilience, both for yourself and for the people within your organization

Our approach

Our approach is rooted in practical knowledge and experience of leadership challenges within today’s organisations, combined with ancient wisdom teachings, quantum physics, and an understanding of the power and application of our intellect in partnership with our intuition. This three-day workshop is a highly interactive and experiential programme. Come prepared to explore, discover, intuit and learn simple yet powerful tools and ways of thinking that can help you and those you serve break through old patterns and transform ways of living, leading and working.


The Intuitive Leadership with Impact: Transformational Presence Leadership in Action (TPLA) program is also offered in company. The concepts and tools may be offered in tailor-made modules varying from 1-3 days at a time, depending on your organisation’s needs.

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