Are you looking for a powerful coaching approach, suitable for leaders as well as coaches, that cuts directly to the heart of the matter and results in fast insights, concrete steps forward and sustainable change? An approach with practical tools and frameworks that invite you to discover opportunities in whatever comes your way and unlocks the potential in both people and organization?

The 6-month program Intuitive Coaching with Impact: Transformational Presence Intensive Course (TPIC) offers you the chance to fully submerge in and practice this approach.

With graduates from 32 countries, Intuitive Coaching with Impact: Transformational Presence Intensive Course (TPIC) offers a fresh, leading-edge coaching approach to life, leadership, business, government, and education throughout the world. Effective, impactful, and transformative leadership and coaching in today’s rapidly changing world requires new kinds of skills and tools as well as broader capacities for awareness and perception.

TPIC cuts to the essence of circumstances and situations, identifies emerging potential, and then partners with that potential to discover a clear pathway forward—a pathway that can lead us toward a world that works. TPIC is a transformational leadership and coaching approach whose time has come—an essential skill set for navigating the complexities of today’s rapidly changing and uncertain world.

The TPIC-program is fully based on the original work of Alan Seale, writer, international coach and speaker and founder of The Center for Transformational Presence.

In this 6 month program you will learn how to:

  • Navigate complex situations and circumstances and identify effective next steps
  • Be more receptive, responsive, creative, and innovative
  • 'Work with’ instead of ‘struggle against’
  • Sense and perceive beyond the obvious
  • Understand what is happening on multiple levels in situations and circumstances
  • Meet both opportunities and challenges with clarity and confidence
  • ‘Connect the dots’ and work with the interconnection of everything
  • Improve communication and collaboration with those you serve
  • Sense the right moment for action and how to move forward, as well as when it is time to step back and let things unfold
  • Reduce stress and foster resilience in the face of uncertainty, hardship, and challenge

The program is structured around the following themes:

Day 1: Laying a Foundation

  • Introduction Transformational Presence Coaching – general concepts and principles
  • Four levels of engagement
  • Vertical and horizontal orientations to life and leadership
  • The coaching tools in practice

Day 2: Intuitive Thinking

  • ‘Whole-mind’ thinking, ‘whole-being’ awareness
  • Expanding sensory awareness
  • Developing your intuitive skills in your life and work
  • The coaching tools in practice

Day 3: Dialogue & Deep Listening

  • Soul and ego: The fundamental partnership
  • The ‘enlightened dialogue’
  • Listening on multiple levels of awareness: The ‘three intelligences’
  • Deep listening
  • The coaching tools in practice

Day 4: Strenghtening Your Intuitive Capacity

  • Our own energy system (chakras) in relation to Transformational Presence
  • Identifying and partnering with the potential
  • Creating new reality fields
  • The coaching tools in practice

Day 5: Integration

  • The ‘inner triangle’: Tapping into your foundation and resilience
  • The potential-based approach
  • The coaching tools in practice
  • Certificates and closing

Follow up Resources

  • Coaching circle - practice in coaching sessions with other participants
  • Monthly ‘TP News’ newsletter for graduates (English language)
  • Monthly graduate call – hosted by Alan Seale (English language)
  • Masterclasses - reflection and further development with other participants
  • Supervised mentor coaching - refine your Transformational Presence coaching skills 

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