Online workshop Intuitive Leadership with Impact

In our 2 hour online interactive workshop ‘Intuitive Leadership with Impact – The Power of Transformational Presenceyou will be introduced to and will work with one of the main frameworks; ‘The Four Levels of Engagement’. This simple yet powerful tool, helps us to identify and work with the greater potential and learning in any challenge.

In addition, we will touch on the benefits of a strong partnership between intellect and intuition and thirdly, you will be introduced to the power and practical application of the ‘Three Fundamental Questions’ of Transformational Presence and the circular model that flows from that.

This is a highly experiential and interactive workshop. During our time together, you will engage and work with a current challenge that you have. Together, we create a space for discoveries, new insights and focus for action.

Creating the conditions for a fun, rich and impactful experience

Please note; this is NOT a webinar or presentation; it is a live and interactive workshop. There will be a maximum of 12 participants and together we create the conditions for a fun, rich and impactful experience. Please come prepared to keep your camera on, to be fully present throughout the workshop and to share your insights and learning.

The workshop will have the most impact and value for you if you have a situation, project or circumstance with which you are currently struggling or would like to gain some clarity on. You will not have to talk about the content of your situation, so it can be as personal or challenging as you like.

Workshop results

Attending this short workshop will equip you with

  • A heightened awareness of your relationship to your challenge and the choices you make
  • Clarity on your focus, decisions and next steps to action
  • An easy to use process that you can apply time and time again

The price of the workshop is €27,00- per person.

“Should you still have any doubts; really, just do it!” - Vincent, entrepreneur

A powerful way of living and leading

At the end of the time together we will talk briefly about our 3-day Dutch language personal and professional leadership training ‘Intuitive Leadership with Impact – Transformational Presence Leadership in Action’. This will take place on Wednesday - Friday, 15 - 17 September 2021 at the Kapellerput conference centre in Heeze. There will be ample chance for you to ask any questions you have about the training programme or any other aspects of Transformational Presence based leadership.