Dutch Language, online introduction workshop

The challenge

We are living in unprecedented times; highly uncertain, unpredictable, concerning at best and to some, maybe even frightening at worst. Times in which we really do not know what our world will look like 6 months down the line.

We are being called to take rapid and dramatically different decisions in our lives and organisations with very little experience and information, in circumstances that are changing daily. Many of us long for things to return to ‘normal’. We are being challenged to keep our ‘heads above water’ whilst devising a plan for a new, better, safe and sustainable future. All of this affects us both personally and professionally.

There are very few ‘quick fixes’, and we cannot put things back to the way they were. These times and our as yet unknown and emergent future are asking us for a different approach.  

The approach

More than ever before, do these times call for a different approach to life and leadership. An approach through which we can develop the capacity to:

  • Identify and work with the opportunities and learning in any circumstance, however unpredictable and difficult
  • Apply both our intellect and our intuitive mind to gather information, to make choices and take healthy and sustainable action
  • Navigate complexity, uncertainty and the breath-taking pace of change from a place of trust, clarity and ease

We need to become comfortable with not knowing all the answers upfront, but instead be able to identify the many layers of information available in a situation and from there cut quickly to the core of what is going on, so that we can take our next steps.

The Transformational Presence approach offers us powerful and practical frameworks and tools to help us expand these capacities, equipping us to live and lead with more resilience in these unprecedented times.

The strength of this work lies in its simplicity - Mieneke van der Wal, managing director and organisational advisor  

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