The world is complex, unpredictable and constantly changing. We have a huge abundance of information at our disposal and are often expected to make rapid decisions, to think and act in an ‘agile’ way, to be resilient and to effectively navigate this rapid pace of change, uncertainty and complexity.

Applying our intellect, however strong, is no longer enough. We need to combine this with the power of our intuition. To learn to tap into all of our ‘intelligences’; to listen to the head, the heart and the belly. But how? Transformational Presence helps you experience the how; with a powerful approach and simple, practical tools – for life, leadership and coaching. Are you interested in experiencing this approach, and applying it to take immediate next steps? And would you like to discover how you can identify the potential and possibilities in even the most challenging of situations? Then take part in our Dutch language introduction workshop on April 17, 2020, in Zeist.

Transformational Presence is based on the ideas of Alan Seale, writer, international coach and speaker and founder of The Center for Transformational Presence. Transformational Presence equips us with the leadership skills that are much needed in the 21st century.

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If you are enthusiastic after having attended the workshop and you would like to become proficient in the Transformational Presence approach then we offer you the possibility to register at an attractive discount for our 3-day leadership development program from 16 September - 18 September 2020 or our 6-month Transformational Presence Intensive Course, 'Intuitive Coaching with Impact', that starts with a full 3-day program on 28- 30 October 2020.

More information: Transformational Presence Intensive Course, 'Intuitive Coaching with Impact'.

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