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Through Transformational Presence organisations, teams and individuals, develop the leadership capacities needed to navigate the fast pace of change, and to thrive in the complexity and uncertainty of today’s world.

The simple yet powerful Transformational Presence tools and frameworks enable leaders wherever they are in an organisation, to recognise and develop the potential in people, projects, circumstances and ideas.

The Transformational Presence approach helps to build agility, resilience, engagement and a strong focus on the opportunities waiting to emerge in even the most demanding of circumstances.

The benefits of leading and working with Transformational Presence include:

  • More effective and faster decision-making, especially in the face of challenge
  • Improved relationships, with both colleagues and customers
  • More ease, confidence, and fun
  • A better sense of general well-being

Available options for in company development include:

  1. All open enrolment training programmes geared specifically to your organisation
  2. Tailored Transformational Leadership development programmes
  3. Tailored Transformational Coaching development programmes
  4. Short Transformational Presence workshops and masterclasses
  5. Team coaching
  6. Individual leadership coaching
  7. Peer leadership learning programme:
    A yearlong programme, usually with around 6 sessions and 8 participants. During each facilitated session one or two leadership issues or challenges are addressed by the whole group. This promotes mutual learning and growth using the Transformational Presence approach.
  8. Taylor made advice and consulting
    Focusing on concrete individual and team practices that can be used to integrate Transformational Presence into the ‘DNA’ of your organisation and how you work on a daily basis


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