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Imagine living and working in a world where The Powerful Heart is engaged and tangibly present day to day and throughout our lives.

The Powerful Heart is a brave heart. It has the courage to give others freedom and responsibility to take decisions and to act. It has the courage to show up and be authentic. The courage to be honest, and to make mistakes and learn from them, publicly.

Open hearted
A Powerful Heart is open and vulnerable, feels pain and sorrow and fear. And despite all that, is strong enough to stay kind and generous, and do what needs to be done.

My heart is in this
The Powerful Heart is full of Love. And I don’t mean the romantic, cute puppy type of Love. I mean Love, a determined force. A force that can break through barriers. Igniting and lighting up people and projects. It’s the energy that shouts out, YES! My heart is in this!!!

Right to the heart of the matter
A Powerful Heart is wise. Has answers. In this complex world, it gets right to the heart of the matter, with focus, ease and simplicity. The brain gives the heart it’s sight, but the heart gives the brain it’s vision.

A Powerful Heart can take us as individuals, groups, organisations and society to the next level. Working in partnership with the amazing mind that can think, plan and organise. The heart can expand our skills to sensing and responding quickly, working with our future, as it emerges.

You can find Powerful Heart Audio Meditation Exercise here!

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