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Sander van Eekelen is an experienced transformational leadership coach and facilitator and the founder of Academy of Life. He is also a Certified Transformational Presence Coach. He specializes in individual and organizational wholeness and self-organizing systems. He creates environments in which people feel safe and supported to explore their greatest potential—environments where they can develop the courage to step through self-created and self-imposed barriers. He has a way of both playfully inviting and compassionately challenging people to go take their next big steps for deep exploration and shifts to become possible.
With a background in social psychology as well as many years of experience, both in management and in the field of Human Resource Management, he is able to quickly cut to the core of any organizational development issue.
Since 2012, Sander has worked closely with Alan Seale and the Center for Transformational Presence. He is currently a program leader for the various Transformational Presence programs, both open-enrollment and in-company forms.
Sander thrives on enabling and witnessing growth both in individual and in team development. His own continuous learning and developmental process lies at the core of his life and work. In his words: “I’m inspired to learn and teach; it’s a reciprocal, never ending dance. To playfully enable people to become the fullest version of themselves is my ultimate goal in life.”


Jo Boniszewski is an experienced transformational leadership coach and facilitator and a Certified Transformational Presence Coach. In addition, she has more than 10 years of experience as a trainer in the field of leadership and personal development.
Jo enables those she works with to get to the heart of the matter quickly, expanding awareness and resulting in significant and sustainable growth and expansion.
With 15 years of business experience in corporate life, Jo is able to naturally bridge the perceived gaps between the rational intellect and the intuitive knowing, between task orientation and people orientation. In doing so, she enables individuals, teams, and organizations to thrive and lead from their full potential.
Jo works with openness, trust, respect, focus, challenge, creativity and fun.


Endorsement from Alan Seale, founder of The Center for Transformational Presence

‘What sets Sander apart is his gentle nature combined with his ability to find just the right words or questions that cut to the essence of what is really going on.’
Sander van Eekelen has been an active member of the Transformational Presence community since 2012. During that time, he has become a masterful coach. What sets Sander apart is his gentle nature combined with his ability to find just the right words or questions that cut to the essence of what is really going on. His quiet manner creates a safety that allows him to ask the hard questions in an open and supportive way, yet with razor sharpness.
Sander has a deep understanding of the principles behind Transformational Presence, and an ability to bring those principles alive for those he serves.
I also appreciate Sander’s great attention to detail. He notices everything, and has just the right way of bringing what he sees to the awareness of clients and organizations. From there, he walks beside them to help them discover the best choices, decisions, and actions towards the realization of their greatest potential. He is quite at home with both individual and organizational work and brings out the best in all.

Endorsement from Alan Seale, founder of The Center for Transformational Presence

Jo Boniszewski is a gifted transformational coach and facilitator. What sets her apart from many others are her deep insight and awareness, and her broad capacities for both intuitive and intellectual understanding.
She is open and welcoming, delightful and often playful. At the same time, she brings a powerful, grounding, and supportive presence.
Jo has a beautiful way of walking beside those she serves during challenging and uncertain times, empowering them to stand in their own strengths and find clarity and resilience for the way forward. She has a remarkable sense of when to gently yet firmly take charge, and then when to disappear into the background at just the right moment.  I’ve worked with Jo in multiple capacities over the last few years and always look forward to the next opportunity. She listens, senses, and perceives beyond the obvious and can quickly cut to the essence of what is happening. Jo deeply understands that transformation within an individual, a team, or an organization happens from the core of who they are, what they believe, and how they think. Therefore, she works from the inside out, creating a space that encourages powerful and lasting shifts. She calls forth the best from all she serves.  If you are ready to work from the inside out and to take big steps forward, I highly recommend Jo Boniszewski.


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